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Radio Rizal Filipino

with Marilie Bomediano

Radio Rizal 100.9 FM 2BACR is the Filipino-Australian community’s contribution to the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities of Bankstown, Auburn and Community Region 2BACR on 100.9 FM local dial connecting to the globe via ustream 

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This program was made possible with support from the Community Broadcasting Foundation. Find out more at

Radio Rizal

It is filled with community updates, news OPM Music and Pinoy funfair by producer-presenter photojournalists: HWPL Ambassador Australia 🇦🇺 photojournalist Marilie Bomediano, journalist Datuk Joseph Orbase and supported by HWPL Ambassador Philippines 🇵🇭 

photojournalist John Paul Seniel and photojournalist Angelika Monterona.


Marilie Bomediano is based in Sydney with Ang Kalatas NewsMagazine Australia, BNS TV Korea and Ang Munting Nayon NewsMagazine Netherlands who works on the field directly feeding the local & international news updates for 2BACR.


Radio Rizal 100.9 FM 1-2 PM will be followed by 2BACR Local News Review 2-3 PM Sydney AEST by Marilie Bomediano

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Maria Eftekharhashtroudi (AKAMarilie Bomediano) on "The TRUTH ABOUT DRUGS (Prevention Campaign)
Maria Eftekharhashtroudi

Maria Eftekharhashtroudi (AKAMarilie Bomediano) on "The TRUTH ABOUT DRUGS (Prevention Campaign)

The TRUTH ABOUT DRUGS Drawing on 25 years of experience in drug prevention, the Truth About Drugs program has solved the problem of effectively communicating to teens and young adults the reality of drug abuse, individually and through mass communication. Both experience and surveys show that teens and young adults are most likely to listen to their peers. Thus the core message is provided by young people—some of whom have gone down the path of addiction and survived to tell the story—who speak to other young people in booklets, public service announcements and a documentary film. The cornerstone of the program is a series of 13 fact-filled booklets that, without scare tactics, inform about drugs, empowering young people to make their own decisions to live drug-free. The series consists of an overview booklet and one booklet for each of the most commonly abused drugs: Marijuana Alcohol Ecstasy Cocaine Crack cocaine Crystal meth Inhalants Heroin LSD Prescription drugs Painkillers Ritalin Each publication describes how the drugs work and the mental and physical effects they create. Reinforcing these facts and statistics are firsthand accounts from former users telling about life on drugs. The booklets dispel myths by presenting the facts about the effects of each drug, both short-term and long-term. They have been translated into 17 languages and distributed across 188 countries.