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Meet Our Presenters
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Aaron Richards

Sunday 10pm - 12am


Andrew and Stephen

Saturday 10am - 11am


Emani, Semi,
and Karl

Monday 1pm - 5pm

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Helen Grace

Friday 9pm - 12am

ConnectFM Header-12.png

John Dearing

Thursday/Saturday 11am-12pm

Tuesday 7pm - 9pm

ConnectFM Header-25.png

John Grover

Sunday 6pm - 8pm

Saturday 12pm - 2pm

ConnectFM Header-14.png

John Holden

Thursday 12pm - 2pm

Jorge Lobos

Saturday 6pm to 9pm


Jyothsna Shetty

Sunday 4pm - 5pm


Maqsood Nagi

Sunday 1pm - 3pm



Tuesday 5pm - 7pm

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Marilie Bomediano

Wednesday 1pm - 2pm

Local News (English)

Wednesday 2pm - 3pm

ConnectFM Header-16.png

Mark Flanagan

Thursday 9pm - 12am

ConnectFM Header-11.png


Wednesday 9pm - 12am

ConnectFM Header-3.png

Paul James

Monday 7pm - 9pm

ConnectFM Header-4.png

Rob Cutrie

Saturday 9pm-12am

Monday 5pm - 6pm

ConnectFM Header-26.png

Russell Walsh

Saturday 2pm - 4pm

ConnectFM Header-31.png

Ruth Le Bas

Tuesday and Thursday
11am - 12pm


Sasho and Bill

Sunday 8am - 11am

ConnectFM Header-5.png

Scott Farrugia

Monday 9pm - 12am

Tuesday 9pm - 12am

Weekdays 6am - 9am

ConnectFM Header-9.png

Steph, Rach,
and Kat

Wednesday 7pm - 9pm

ConnectFM Header-15.png

Stuart Gary

Thursday 5pm - 6pm

ConnectFM Header-19.png

Tony Bennetts

Friday 7pm - 9pm

Thursday 6pm - 9pm

In the Boxing Ring

Paul Nasari

Saturday 9am - 10am

Basketball Stadium


Sunday 11am - 1pm

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