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Connecting our Community

Connect FM is the local community broadcaster for the Bankstown and Auburn area. Our programs are produced by and for our local community. Our broadcast licence extends from Silverwater to Picnic Point, and from Villawood to Mount Lewis. Listeners can tune in anywhere in the world here on the 2BACR website or with TuneIn Radio and other radio apps. 


We broadcast over 20 programs in more than six languages. Our presenters are local volunteers committed to voicing the ideas and opinions of our community, delivering quality radio that entertains, educates and engages our listeners. 


See our program guide.

About Community Radio

Connect FM is proud to be one of over 450 community radio stations in Australia. Community radio stations are not-for-profit, community-owned and independent broadcasters. 

Community broadcasters are united by six guiding principles. We will work to:

  1.  Promote harmony and diversity, and contribute to an inclusive, cohesive and culturally diverse Australian community

  2. Pursue principles of democracy, access and equity, especially for people and issues not adequately represented in other media

  3. Enhance the diversity of programming choices available to the public and present programs that expand the variety of viewpoint broadcast in Australia

  4. Demonstrate independence in programming as well as in editorial and management decisions

  5. Support and develop local arts and music

  6. Increase community involvement in broadcasting

You can read more about Connect FM's mission and governance below to discover how our members hold us accountable for upholding these principles.   

Read more about community radio from the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia.

Our Mission

Our Mission as a community radio station is to entertain as well as educate our listening audience. We aim to provide a vibrant, community focused and broadly inclusive radio station for the Bankstown and Auburn community that delivers in both the English language and other Ethnic languages based on the demographics of the broadcast license area.


To discover how Connect FM's management committee and members work with presenters, sponsors and more, read our Constitution (PDF) and Policies and Procedures.

For the most recent updates on how we are achieving our goals, read our Strategic Plan and Annual Report .

Connect FM has an emphasis on, and actively encourages local content including current issues that affect community members of the license area, broadcasting local music talent and cultural activities/events. It strives to broadcast fresh, creative, informative and intelligent programming for our listeners and cater for both English and ethnic languages without discrimination.

We aim to be a Community Radio station that:


·       Enlivens the culture and social climate of the license area

·       Is high quality

·       Is participative

·       Has a community perspective

·       Is responsive to the needs of the community

·       Provides a forum to discuss current issues

·       Fosters links between all community groups within the area

·       Is artistically diverse

·       Has informative and educational programming

Our programs must abide by the Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice and relevant government regulation. 

The management committee is responsible for ensuring our programs meet these aims and abide by the Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice. 

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