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the lunch break

With John Holden

Thursday 12pm - 2pm

About John Holden

This programme has run continuously for six years since I retired from my job as an editor with Fairfax Media. The main object of the programme is to provide a musical sanctuary for people to get through the afternoon. My job is to be an understanding friend when the day becomes hectic. I began with 2BACR after a board member asked if I would take on a Saturday night programme to help during a three-month trial for a broadcasting licence.

When the station was granted its licence I was asked to do a three-hour Sunday night programme (9pm-midnight) called Chill Zone. I began broadcasting in 2006 with Alive 90.5 in Baulkham Hills. For three mornings a week I ran the stations breakfast programme (6am-9am) and then scurried off to work at a newspaper in Blacktown.

Just before leaving Alive 90.5 I was asked to front various other shifts, including The Smooth Spot (Saturdays 5-7pm). Broadcasting has always been my passion since school days. After leaving school I was offered a job at a commercial radio station in North Queensland but decided to go down the path of journalism. I have also worked as a police officer (five years) with the Merseyside Police Force in the UK. Radio is such a lovely medium and I count myself very fortunate that I can front a programme heard on the FM band.

I been fortunate to meet some very wonderful, inspiring and talented in my 14 years behind the mic. No two shows are ever the same – there is always something new to learn. Another skill (I’m still perfecting) is that of voice-over artist. I have been working in this capacity for another station for the past two years. It’s very hectic and demanding, but I get a real buzz from it. Radio and the community in general, have enriched my life so much, I am eternally grateful.

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